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Christmas wishes come true for 14 homeless Westies

14 Westies Adopted On Christmas Eve

Donations Needed To Help Pay Medical Expenses

On December 18, volunteers of Westie Rescue Mid-Atlantic picked up 14 dogs at a dog farm just north of Atlanta, GA. They ranged in age from 3 months to 7 years old. Many had illnesses or deformities. All were smelly, dirty, and terrified. They seemed to be waiting to see what bad thing was going to happen next.

After driving all day and night back to northern Virginia, Westie Rescue took the scared little dogs to a hospital in Annapolis, MD, where they received medical evaluation and subsequent care. All except the youngest and sickest were spayed and neutered as well. Their medical issues included Westie Lung Disease and congenitally malformed limbs, teeth, and internal organs as well as Demodex mange and other treatable problems.

On Christmas Eve, all of the Westies were medically ready to go to new homes. Rescue had been contacting people on the approved waiting list to see if they would be willing to adopt these little dogs who were looking for a total change for the better in their lives. Since these Westies had never lived inside (except for the hospital stay), the adopters were made aware that everything would be new to the dogs....including housetraining.

As each dog was brought out to meet its new family, it was truly amazing to see how the Westies had changed since they arrived at the hospital. It was evident that the hospital staff had provided lots of love and attention in addition to medical care. Almost all of the dogs were now wanting to lick faces and be held in laps.

In fact, all of the Westies were adopted, except for one fellow named Tiny Tim or Timmy (see Pet of the Month), who needs a little more time to heal. Timmy went to a foster home where he is doing very well.

The most coveted wish that a homeless dog could ever have (a loving, caring family) came true for 14 Westies (one rescued dog was already at the hospital when the Georgia 14 arrived) on Christmas Eve.

Contributions from adopters have helped to pay part of the medical expenses. However, Rescue still needs to raise an additional  $4,300 to cover the rest of the urgent medical care these Westies received.

If you would like to make a donation toward the cost of the medical care given to Bonnie, Chopper, Crystal, Frosty, Honey, LB, Noelle, Snowball, Snowy, Rocky, Roy, Star, Timmy, and Wesley, please go to the Internet site sponsored by Westie Rescue Mid-Atlantic.

You can make a contribution by:

  • Credit card by clicking "Please Donate" in the box on the top left of the front page of our Web site or going directly to the donation page by clicking "Donation" here.
  • Mailing a check to "Westie Rescue" at PO Box 342, Dunn Loring, VA 22027.
The entire, heart-warming story and photographs about these dogs will be in the upcoming issue of their free Westie owner's newsletter, The Highlander.

You can register your Westie to receive this newsletter by clicking on "The Highlander" here.

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