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Westie Links - Health

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Pets With Diabetes
Pet diabetes education, resources, care techniques and announcements.

Pet Care from The Humane Society of the United States
Whether you're looking for general pet-care guidelines, hints on finding pet-friendly rental housing, information on the importance of spaying or neutering, or advice on coping with the death of your beloved companion, you've come to the right place. Our pet-care information will help you develop and maintain a long and rewarding relationship with your animal companion.

Caring for an Older Dog
Caring for an Older Dog by Debby Dobson "Good Dog!"Animal Behavior

Pet Arthritis
The Pet Arthritis Center has been setup to provide you with the information you need to identify and treat arthritis in your pets.

Dog Health Care Information - Canine Diseases & Problems
Dog Health Care Information - Canine Diseases & Problems provides dog health care information, including info on canine diseases and health problems.

Westie Skin Issues
Malassezia Dermatitis (Yeast infection of the skin)

Piddle Pants
Piddle Pants were originally designed for the "hard to house-break" pet.

Atopic Dermatitis (Allergies)
Atopic dermatitis (synonyms: canine atopic dermatitis, canine inhalant dermatitis, allergic inhalant dermatitis) The main clinical sign is pruritus (itching), most often shown by licking or chewing of the feet and inguinal area and rubbing and scratching the face, ears and axillary regions. Typical allergens are dander; pollens of grasses, weeds and trees; house dust; and molds.

What is craniomandibular osteopathy? (Westie Jaw)
Canine Inherited Disorders Database

Westie Foundation of America
Information about Westie health issues, health projects we are funding (or have funded) and other health resources and links

Dog Rescue Health Links
Many health and training links for dog owners

The Canine Medicine Chest
The Canine Medicine Chest™ is the first company in America to incorporate only all natural herbal products for dogs of all sizes and breeds. The dog health problems discussed and the herbal remedies involved, have been shown to be extremely successful year after year in restoring dogs to health and maintaining good health.

Westie Health Issues- Westie Rescue Californina
General health issues that can face Westies and their owners.

Mar Vista Animal Medical Center
Provide informational materials on some of the most common medical concerns of pet dogs

Vet Info 4 Dogs
Looking for Q&A on common and not so common Westie issues? Try here.

A source of information about all things Westie!

Animal Wellness Website
Visit Animal Wellness Magazine

Pet Education
Drs Foster & Smith pet info website

White Shaker Dog Syndrome
What is shaker dog syndrome?

Veterinary Information Network
Useful information for keeping your pet happy and healthy from Veterinary Information Network, the world's first and largest online veterinary database.

Hyperadrenocorticism (Cushing's Disease)
Cushing's disease results from an overproduction of the hormone cortisol...More

Westie Health Concerns- from the National Breed Club
Some of the more common problems that may be encountered in Westies.

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